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Support Through Love


There were times during my children teen years when  a conversation with them seemed as if I was pulling teeth.  So I began to look for opportunities to have that extended conversation with them.  I would validate the importance of our conversation by  stating to them that their behavior at that moment (good or bad) requires me as “The Parent” to have a teachable moment…and I would continue with the conversation.

A parent’s teachable moment with their child doesn’t have to take place  only when there is negative behavior.  Try having teachable moments when you see your child doing good things and being responsible.  Here are some words you can use: “Every person is born with their own spiritual agenda.   That agenda takes the form of experiences and lessons.  I may not always understand your agenda or God’s plan for you  but I can see that it is active and operating.  As a parent my intention is to help you find the good in yourself and your actions, regardless of any seeming negative experience.  In other words, I will always be in your corner letting you know that I love you and expect the best from you and for you”.

Happy Parenting!