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Ten Quick-Pick Parenting Resources

A Guide for Parents Raising Adolescents in 21st Century

The responsibility of being a parent includes being a reliable source of contact, protection and warmth for their children. Many parents find parenting complicated some are even in panic mode when it comes to raising a teenager. It is those parents that I hope this guide would be a valuable resource. Reawakening their natural parenting instincts and lead them to being a success at parenting.

Parents today are the baby boom generation, and they are the parents to the millennial generation (1980-1995).  Effective parenting for this generation requires that most parents seek help outside of themselves.  There is no need for parents to be super parents going it alone ending in exhaustion, find support within your community (church, nonprofit organizations). Being a parent living in this fast pace society can be challenging, but let’s not forget it is your responsibility to know your teenager. What to be aware of are their strengths, weaknesses, and personalities which help when communicating, setting boundaries and working together.  Gloria A. Lewis

DVD: The Millennials Are Coming – 60 Minutes  airdate: 11/11/2008 CBS Broadcasting updated 5/23/2008.

The millennial are children born during the years of 1980-1995. They are the children of the baby boomers generation that was born during 1946-1964. This DVD provides parents with information about how some employers are preparing for their children as they enter into the workforce. Employers are aware that this is the generation who is tech savvy and see no conflict with putting life style and friends before employment.

Website: Search-Institute 

This is a website that helps people understand what kids need to succeed by providing tools, resources and service to equip parent, educators, youth worker, and other leaders to create a world that values youth.  Four areas of positive youth development is developmental assets, thriving and sparks, community engagement and spiritual development.

Books: Benson, P. (2008). Sparks – How Parents Can Help Ignite the Hidden Strengths of Teenagers. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass

This book encourages parent participation in awakening the spark that live within their teenagers. Creating teens that are socially competent, physically healthy, volunteer, and posses a sense of purpose.  Sparks provides a step by step approach that helps teenager discover their unique gift.  There are five steps to help ignite your teen’s sparks and they are demonstrated in this book.

Borba, M. (2004). Don’t Give Me That Attitude! 24 Things kids Do and How to Stop Them. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass

This book is about attitudes of adolescents and how to stop such behavior with the attitude makeover.  There are 24 attitude makeovers and 14 principles for inspiring human attitudes listed in this book.  The difference between attitude and behavior is discussed.  Determine which bad attitude needs to change and provides a specific plan to be followed.

Chapman, G. (2010). The 5 Love Languages of Teenagers – The Secret to Loving Teens Effectively. Chicago, IL: Northfield Publishing

This book dedicates an entire chapter on understanding today’s teenagers.  Love the foundational building block of parent teen relationships.  Purpose is to help parents focus effectively on how to meet their teenager emotional need for love.  Principles are offered to help parents, single parent family and the blended family with communicating and demonstrating love to their teenager.

Cline, F., & Fay, J. (2006). Parenting Teens with Love & Logic. Colorado Springs, CO: NavPress

This book is specifically for teenagers and how to apply the parenting with love & logic principle.  Discussing effective and ineffective parenting styles.  The approach is to love and empower your teens to make their own decision and allow them to see how their decisions and behaviors can bring consequences.  Working through their difficulties and solving their own problems.

Faber, A.,&  Mazlish, E. (2005). How to Talk So Teens Will Listen & Listen So Teen Will Talk  (1st ed.). New York, NY: Harper Collins Publishers

The purpose for this book is to provide parents tools to help improve their relationship with their teenager. Included are Illustrations, real life stories and discussions dealing with feelings, reminders, to punish or not to punish, and working it out together. Outcome, children really do learn what they live. This book relates to the parent and teen workshop given by the authors who travels around the world.

Hunt, J. (2001). Bonding With Your Teen Through Boundaries. Nashville, Tennessee: Broadman & Holman Publishers

The mission is to help parents create a relationship of mutual respect.  Learn to bond with your teenager through boundaries.  Creating awareness that there are personal and social boundaries as well as there are boundaries at home and school.

Neufeld, G., & Mate, G., (2005) Hold On to Your Kids – Why Parents Need to Matter More Than Peers (1st ed.). New York, NY: Ballantine Books, The Random House Publishing Group

This book offers compassionate and common solutions relating to the phenomenon of peer orientation and its effects on parents, their parenting skills, their children and their development. Also, the lack of parental influence and why peers are replacing parents.

Steinberg, L. (2004). The Ten Basic Principles of Good Parenting. New York, NY: Simon & Schuster

This is a book relating to the philosophy of good parenting.  Good parenting requires knowledge and is driven by instincts, understanding what works.  Good parenting forms elements of honesty, empathy, self reliance, kindness, cooperation, self-control of cheerfulness in your children. Also promoting motivation to learn and desire to achieve.