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What does support look like to your child?

Teens especially need to know that their parents love for them has no limits.  Parents need to know that showing unconditional love gives their children the support they need to know that they matter and belong.  Whenever I make the comment “Children need to know they belong and that they matter” I think of all children not just teens.  In our society today, a lot of families are blended creating step-parents and step-siblings.   Sometime in the shuffle of various family dynamics children can display behavior that attributes to the thought that they don’t feel like they belong or that they matter.

Traditionally parents have shown their support through affirmations, hugs, and some through their actions others by example.   In my household support  for my boys includes compliments, high-five, hugs, affirmations, eating out at their favorite eatery, new sporting gear and attending their sporting events to name a few.  The support they liked best was both of us (mom & dad) being in the stands at their sporting event.  Other ways to show support to teens is stating why you are proud of them and display your good listening skills by being slow to speak.   In conclusion, I would encourage parents to be consistent in showing support your child needs that stability.